1420 - Biller-Sport

basically as 1410 and 1415, but larger with a different layout. The Pit Stop building was clipped onto the scene and was removable. The 2 x 2 A-batteries were stored in 2 battery compartments underneath the layout. This race track could alternately be operated using a transformer (Biller item 188). Motors (Made in Hong Kong) to operate the spring coils placed underneath the tribunes. Four twin-wheeled race cars.

Again showing showing the famous German Nürburgring.

Novelty 1968 - available until business ceased in 1978.

Seize: 710 x 250 x 90 mm

in the box land scape Pit Stop Novelties 1968

1420 Race Track in box

showing again the German Castle Nürburg showing the Pit Stop area as novelty 1968
various colours and twin- and single wheeled cars in comparison
twin-wheeled twin wheels only at the 1420 race track
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